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Register As A Beneficiary

Chefs with Compassion’s beneficiaries include places of safety, homes, orphanages, shelters, feeding schemes, soup kitchens, church groups and other organisations whose recipients depend on them for sustenance and survival. The extensive database of NOSH beneficiaries are among the recipients of meals from Chefs with Compassion Hubs, as are charitable organisations who register via the Chefs with Compassion Facebook page or website.Applicants must be a registered NPO, NGO, NPC and provide proof of meals being issued to communities in need.

Record-keeping and auditing of meals collected and issues to those in need is one of the cornerstones of Chefs with Compassion.For the safety of the beneficiaries their details are not provided, but are available on request to potential donors and contributors.To become a Chefs with Compassion beneficiary please fill out the form below: