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You’d be surprised how many people benefit with every meal you order! The food ser

You’d be surprised how many people benefit with every meal you order!

The food service industry has been among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 lockdown, with an estimated 1.8 million people affected across supply chains across the country. The slowdown has had a dire knock-on effect on the industry, stretching from restaurant owners to delivery drivers, farm workers, pest-controllers, and cleaning staff to name just a few. Thousands only just eking a living prior to the lockdown, will have joined the ranks of South Africa’s unemployed, now above 30%.

A newly formed consortium of South Africa’s biggest food service suppliers, namely Unilever Food Solutions, RCL FOODS, McCain Food Service and Tiger Brands Out of Home, have partnered with leading food service distributor, Bidfood, to pool resources and in an effort to support the restoration of the industry.

Behind every restaurant meal is a story of the people who made it, from the farms to the kitchens and in-between. In fact, over 28 people may have directly benefited from your last takeout or dine-in. Now that’s food for thought.

The industry values all your support, no matter if you order in or eat out, it is appreciated. THANK YOU for keeping our industry afloat and our people employed 🙏🏾 your support goes a long way!

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We salute all our Food Heroes!

Please support the food industry,
From Chefs with Compassion ❤️



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